We all know how good for us time outside is – fresh air and soaking up vitamin D are well documented as having huge health benefits – and that’s just as true for our children as it is for us. In fact, arguably for children the benefits are even greater – and instilling the benefits of being outside from a young age must be a good thing.

Read on to see why it’s so important to set aside time for outdoor fun and play.

Health and Well-Being 

With room to explore, when children play outside, they have freedom – they can run at top speed, climb tall play frames, swing from their arms and this directly impacts their health – their weight, physical strength and their immune system and the ability to fight off illness. 

In turn, using up energy out in the fresh air promotes the ability to then feel calmer and quieter when required and it also significantly helps children to sleep well.

Learning and Creativity 

When outside children’s imaginations are stimulated by the objects around them, and this can in turn increase their creativity. When outside, children will play happily with twigs, acorns, and leaves … making up games and activities and connecting with the natural environment. It also helps children learn about the weather, seasons, plants, and animals. There is a much more sensory experience to the outside environment – touch and feel is so important for a child’s development.

Independence and social skills 

By the very nature of outdoor space being bigger than that inside children may have a more physical distance from adult supervision – allowing independent play and more social development with their friends.

There’s a time for screens – you’ll be reading this on one now – and they are undoubtedly part of our lives but by encouraging outdoor play in young children it will help them develop and maintain a healthy adult lifestyle – moderation is key so let’s balance screen time with green time!

Take a step or two outside today and book a trip to Ridgeway Farm for fresh air and fun for all the family. Click the link to book.