We are incredibly passionate about Food, both nutritional and culinary!

Our core values are: Seasonal, Local and Fresh!

Here on the farm we produce our very own milk from our herd of Ridgeway Farm Cows our

milk is then sold to Arla who process the milk into a variety of products including B.O.B

skimmed milk, Lurpak Butter, Arla Skyr, Arla Cheese, Yoggi and Arla Yoghurts.

Fresh Farm Eggs!

We also have our very own Farm Fresh Eggs, back when we first opened we rehomed some rescue hens from an ex battery farm, Farmer Thomas took charge of the hens and became a Hen ambassador! Eggs are available from the farm in ½ dozen boxes and trays of 3.

All the crops!

On the farm we grow a variety of crops including Barley and Wheat which are sold on to be either milled into feed for animals or processed further into flour which can be used in a range of products from bread to cakes and cereals to sauces!

Ancient Fruit Trees!

We are proud to have a traditional orchard onsite which is host to a variety of ancient fruit trees, including Damons, Plum, Pears and Apples, which you can buy from the farm in the orchard and make the most amazing farmhouse pudding with or you can stew and have With the best Ice Cream ever which is made by Mrs Dowson, right here in the centre of Lancashire.

I Scream for Ice Cream!

We are proud to be stockists of her delicious Ice Cream, which is made using the very best ingredients available. Mrs Dowson prides herself on using local, natural ingredients where possible and you can buy her delicious ice cream from us to eat straight away or take home for supper!

During the Covid 19 pandemic, we diversified into Vegetable boxes (which you can order here) and continuing our Core Values of Seasonal, Local and Fresh produce we have linked up with a variety of local growers, one of which is Chris Molyenueax from MOLYNEUX KALE COMPANY who are innovative growers based in south west Lancashire producing a range of specialist kales, brassicas and other crops. Thanks to the expertise of Chris Molyneux, MKC are the only year-round producers of kale in the UK.

We source as much produce as possible from local farmers and growers and our box

contents reflect the changing seasons here are our most popular boxes