Rarebreed Sheep

A traditonal, working Dairy Farm, selling fresh, local season produce and hosting various events throughout the year, where you can meet both the animals and the farmer.

In 2019 we purchased our first pedigree sheep, Florence and Fern, they are Greyface Dartmoor Sheep that originally... Read More

originate from Dartmoor, but these two are from the “a Westmoor” flock ewe, who was sired by the Tirion 21.  Greyface Dartmoor sheep, are attractive, quiet and easily handled, the Dartmoor have their enthusiasts throughout the country and provide a natural focal point whenever they appear, yet with less than 3000 registered ewes in the country they are classed as Native Rare Breeds.  We thought they were perfect for Ridgeway especially to graze in the Traditional Orchard. The Dartmoor fleece is classified as Lustre Long wool. A medium sized sheep (approx. 60kg), hornless, deep bodied, short legged, with well woolled head and legs. The white face should be mottled or spotted with black or grey with matching feet. The short straight legs are well covered with wool. A clip of 7-9kg can be expected with a higher yield (up to 15kg) from mature rams. Traditionally the long, curly, lustre wool was used for blankets, serge, carpets and cloth. The wool is not coloured. Staple length 25-30cms with a Bradford count of 36-40. Following the arrival Florence and Fern ran with a pedigree tup and produced their first lamb – Nightingale in May 2020.  Since then we have added a further 5 Greyfaced Dartmoor Ewes who are currently running with a pedigree tup and we hope for an eventful lambing time this spring.