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Ridgeway Farm- Food Farming & Environment

Ridgeway Farm is a family run dairy farm, located on Peel Road, in-between Junction 4 of the Blackpool M55 motorway and Lytham.  We are the seventh generation to farm at Ridgeway and as such the farm is steeped in historical flora and fauna. With so much heritage intertwined from the original brick buildings to dairy genetics dating back over 50 years and of course not forgetting the farms very own priority habitat, in the form of a traditional orchard. In 2019 we decided to open the farm to visitors at certain times of the year to allow everyone the opportunity to see a real life working farm, right here on the Fylde Coast and the chance to meet the farmers too.

Who’s who?

Farmer Helen

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I am farmer Helen and I am the face of Ridgeway Farm, you will see me on social media and I will be your host on your visit to Ridgeway, whether that be an open day, a school visit or a party, I will be your point of contact.

Farmer John

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Here is Farmer John (brother), John is in charge of the farming business, he takes charge of the cows and the crops and deals with the day-to-day farming challenges.

Farmer Harry

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Farmer Harry (Dad), AKA Worzel Gummidge. Harry has been a farmer all his life, first farming with his late father Arthur and late uncle John Kirkham, and now with his son John.  Harry is a man of few words but his world is Ridgeway and he is extremely passionate about the farms wildlife and it is thanks to Harry that the farm hasn’t been over developed and intensively farmed, meaning that we can boast a wealth of flora and fauna.

Farmer Janet

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Nan Jan, Farmer Janet, well she says she isn’t a farmer, she is a farmers wife, really she is the matriarch of the family.  You are more than likely to meet Nan Jan on your visit to Ridgeway and it is thanks to Nan Jan that we are able to open up her family farm for everyone to visit.

Meet the Animals

Ridgeway Farm is a small  Dairy Farm with around 100 cows and young stock, the cows are milked twice a day and we sell our milk to Arla.  Our cows are a mix of Holstein Fresian, Shorthorn, Montbeliard Fleckvieh and Ayreshire where our calves are then a cross breed of Hereford and Aberdeen Angus.   The cows spend the whole of spring, summer and autumn outside eating our lucius fylde coast grass, which is known as the “land of milk and honey” Boasting over 190 days outside with the sun on their back, our cows really are happy cows.  In winter the cows are housed indoors, they have free access to our cattle yard and have their own mattresses to sleep on, they are fed our own silage (fermented grass) which we harvest in the spring and summer and then store for them to eat during the winter months, when the grass does not grow, we also feed them “cake” which is a protein supplement  that provides the cows with a nutritious complete balanced meal.  Here you can see one of our happy cows enjoying a good scratch on the cow brush, who said cows aren’t pampered! 

Crystal and Pearl the miniture horses

Billy & Nanny

The big goats, these two are a right pair, proper husband and wife, we have lots of facts and stories to tell you about Billy & Nanny on your visit, be sure to ask us!

Cooper and Diesel

Greedy goats come to mind with these two, they are certainly mischievous pesky goats but we love them to bits.

Donald and Boris

Donald & Borris the alpacas came to live with us back in Jauary 2020, a visitor renamed them when she noticed that they both had haircuts similar to the Then President of USA and our Prime Minister, they are definitely much nicer than their namesakes, they are soft and cuddly and very laid back, they often get pushed to the back of the que by the other farm animals but they are definitely a firm favourite with our visitors, well with those eyelashes, how could you not love them?

Kids and the Farm!

Lambs & Lambing